What makes our tanner crab the best

What makes our tanner crab the best



Tanner Crab has a firm and slightly fibrous texture with a sweet and rich flavour. Tanner crab is sweeter than most other crab meats


Tanner crab is packed with protein, which is important for building and maintaining muscle. Crab also contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and selenium.


Fisherman’s Market tanner crab is very versatile when it comes to cooking. Due to the extremely high quality of this product, it cooks quickly and perfectly every time. 

Our tanner crab legs cook best from frozen keeping all the natural salts and flavour in the meat. It takes about 5-7 minutes to cook them whether you’re boiling, steaming or BBQ’ing.


What makes our tanner crab legs different from other crabs in the marketplace? 

First off, did you know that tanner crab is a larger cousin to snow crab? Our legs and claws are large enough that they are individually cut and not sold in clusters. They have bigger, meatier crab legs than any other snow crab out there. 

​Secondly, our tanner crab is sustainably harvested in Juneau Alaska and is one of the best, most efficient crab fisheries out there. This crab is processed and frozen immediately after it comes out of the hold. Our crab also isn’t brine frozen. 

Third, our tanner crab isn’t brine frozen. What is brine freezing?  Most of the crab legs you look to buy in the marketplace have been dipped in brine (salt water solution) before freezing. The brine fills any space between the crab meat and the shell. The amount of space between meat and shell depends on the quality of crab and how it has been handled. That is why some crab is cheaper in the marketplace than others. If you’re getting a smoking deal on crab, there is usually a reason. 

​King Crab vs Tanner Crab? This is personal preference as king crab is richer and tanner crab is sweeter. The problem with this comparison is it comes down to quality and often at large retail markets the quality of king crab for the price doesn’t fit the bill. The quality of our tanner crab is the highest you can get and is usually priced less expensive than king crab of lesser quality. It is pound for pound the best value of crab we can offer and that is why it is the crab we endorse the most. 

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