Jumbo Tiger Prawns - 2 lb. Pack

The tiger prawns in this pack are Aquaculture Stewardship Council-certified and harvested in South Asia. They are peeled and deveined, tail on, jumbo prawns 16/20 pcs per pound, and individually frozen.

Our prawns are individually frozen and come in 2-pound units for your convenience.


Prawns are cooked when they turn pink and the tails turn a bright red.

After the exterior of the prawn sears they will release from the pan, so be patient and preserve the texture by not tearing them from the pan too early.

Eyes hurting after a bright day in the sun? Prawns contain astaxanthin which maintains eye health and reduces damage from excessive sunlight.

Mild in flavour and soft in texture, Tiger Prawns are an easy protein to add to dishes.

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