Tequila Lime Smoked Salmon Candy

The moist, flaky texture is surrounded by edges bound in flavour, the smoke combines with the tang of the lime and the tequila finishes off the salmon delightfully making for a truly irresistible treat.

The nuggets are ready to eat, skinned, and de-boned. Our smoked salmon candy is frozen in 500-gram packages.


Salmon candy is ready to eat, preparation only involves the pleasure of enjoying it.

Feeling down? Omega 3s help to stabilize mood, why not lift your spirits while enjoying delicious eats.

Ingredients: pink salmon, brown sugar, salt, lime, tequila seasoning, tequila, natural wood smoke.


The tequila and lime add tangy, sweet infusions of flavour that combine with the smoke to add a tropical flair to salmon, making these nuggets even more of a treat.

Whether hot or cold smoked salmon, both techniques entail a wet cure process that involves soaking the salmon in a brine solution prior to smoking. Cold smoked tends to be more subtle, while hot-smoked tends to be smoky and lends towards a drier end product.

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