Tanner Crab Legs - per pound

Fisherman’s Market tanner crab legs are hands down the best quality crab available to us in the marketplace today. It is sustainably caught in Juneau Alaska, non-brine frozen, and each individual leg and claw is full to the shell with a sweet, succulent chunk of meat.

Our recommended cooking method is to boil them for 5 minutes from frozen, perfect every time!

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Each pound of Tanner Crab has roughly 5 pieces per pound 


Tanner crab is known for being the sweetest of the snow crabs, with a creamy rich flavour. It has that fresh from the sea, briny flavour crab is known for. The shells cook to a bright red colour, are crackable by hand, and make for a delicious and fun dinner.

Refine flavours during a crab boil by adding dry white wine or a can of beer and seasonings (garlic, tarragon, salt and pepper) to the boiling pot.

Recommended cooking methods:

We recommend boiling this product  We recommend steaming this product

Fun fish fact: crabs communicate by drumming their claws and flapping their pincers. Crab’s eyes also sit on eyestalks, which can move in all directions and allow the crab to see all around.

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