Red Spring Salmon - 6 lb. Crew Pack

Fisherman’s Market red spring salmon is wild and sustainably caught in British Columbia.

Red spring salmon is the fattiest of the salmon species, and therefore it has a more luxurious and velvety texture. It is an excellent source of Omega 3’s, Vitamins B12, and loaded with potassium and immune-supporting selenium.  

Our Crew Packs are individually portioned, vacuum-sealed, and blast frozen for your convenience.

Please note, finished Crew Pack weights can vary slightly which may result in a small difference in price.


Red spring salmon tend to have thick, higher fat fillets than sockeye, which makes it a better option for the grill. But if you’re planning on baking it, try slow-roasting the salmon in the oven for 30 minutes at 275.

Recommended cooking methods:

We recommend pan-searing We recommend baking this product We recommend BBQ'ing this product We recommend steaming this product We recommend poaching this product

Looking to speed up recovery times after a hard day of sport? Salmon is rich in omega 3s and can help reduce inflammation and joint pain which supports the recovery process.

Fun fish fact: red spring salmon is also known as King Salmon or Chinook Salmon because it’s the largest of the salmon, has the highest Omega 3 oil content and has the most velvety texture.

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