Sockeye Salmon Tails - 5 lb. Crew Pack

Our Oceanwise certified, wild-caught BC sockeye salmon tails come ready for the grill. The flavourful buttery flakes cook up quickly for a delicious, budget-friendly dish of west coast salmon.

Our 5lb salmon tail crew pack comes individually portioned, vacuum sealed, and blast frozen for your convenience.


Sockeye has a dense, meaty texture and bright red flesh. The flavour is rich with a high-fat content so it can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Light marinades for the grill are a favourite method for preparing sockeye. Grill until the fish flakes easily with a fork and the flesh is no longer translucent.

Tip: Cook 90% of the salmon skin side down to avoid overcooking.

Sockeye salmon is high in Omega 3s which have protective effects on the cardiovascular system, they reduce triglycerides, normalize heart rhythm, improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Fun fish fact: sockeye are the most flavourful of the salmon family, they are known for their bright red flesh, and bold salmon scent.


  • Honey-cajun sockeye salmon tails

  • Fisherman’s Market spicy salmon poke bowl

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