Sockeye Salmon - 6 lb. Crew Pack

Fisherman’s Market sockeye salmon is wild and sustainably caught on the west coast. Our portions come boneless with the skin on. Sockeye is an excellent source of Omega 3’s, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Niacin. Sockeye has a deep, rich flavor with medium-sized buttery flakes.

Our Crew Packs are individually portioned, vacuum-sealed, and blast frozen for your convenience.

Please note, finished Crew Pack weights can vary slightly which may result in a small difference in price.


Try it roasted, grilled, sautéed or poached. It may be cooked with or without its edible skin.

Fishmonger tips: Buy salmon whole, as steaks or fillets. Atlantic salmon is often farmed whereas Pacific is more frequently wild. Our sockeye salmon is wild and from the west coast making it a spectacular product.

Recommended cooking method:

We recommend pan-searing We recommend baking this productWe recommend BBQ'ing this productWe recommend steaming this productWe recommend poaching this product

Sockeye is high in Omega 3’s and is abundant in Vitamin A,C,D,E, niacin and vitamin B-12. It is low in saturated fats and calories.

Fun fish facts: Sockeye salmon’s great sense of smell is what helps them navigate back to their spawning grounds. Baby sockeye is called a fry, and they change colour as they mature.

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