Shrimp Meat - 1/2 lb.

Our machine peeled shrimp is wild and sustainably caught on the Oregon Coast.  They are cooked, de-shelled, ready to eat, and the size is 250/350 pieces per pound.

Our shrimp are individually frozen and vacuum sealed in 1/2 pound units for your convenience.


Shrimp meat is already cooked, just thaw, rinse in cold water and use in salads and sandwiches.

Look younger by eating shrimp, shrimp contains carotenoids, which reduce the signs of ageing caused by UVA damage. Shrimp also contains zinc, which is important to maintaining healthy hair and skin. Both of these nutrients help to keep you looking younger.

Did you know shrimp and prawns are different? Shrimp have one pair of legs while prawns have three claw-like legs.


  • Shrimp stuffed avocados

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