Sablefish - 4 lb. Crew Pack

Fisherman’s Market sablefish is Oceanwise certified and sustainably caught in British Columbia. Our portions are skin-on and can contain pin bones. 

Our Crew Packs are individually portioned, vacuum-sealed, and blast frozen for your convenience.

Please note, finished Crew Pack weights can vary slightly which may result in a small difference in price.


Sablefish has a smooth, velvety texture with large, yet delicate, flakes, giving it a rich, satiny sweet, buttery taste courtesy of the high oil content.

It pairs well with salty or acidic flavours which balance the natural oils of the fish. With the high oil content Sablefish can be BBQ’d or smoked.

Cook Sablefish hotter and longer than other fish and wait until the fish is browned and flakey to know it’s done. And good news, it’s nearly impossible to overcook!


Recommended cooking methods:


Sablefish is the fish with the highest heart-healthy Omega 3’s, even more than salmon or tuna. Sablefish also contains iron, calcium, copper and other minerals.

Fun fish fact: Sablefish is known for its furry black skin. And even though Sablefish are also known as Black Cod, they do not belong to the cod family.

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