Lobster tails

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  • Lobster Tails – 3-4 oz. each


    These Atlantic Canadian lobster tails are exquisite! And the tails are truly the most delicious section with their intricate flavour bursting from the succulent and luscious meat. The flavour has that saltiness from the sea along with a tangy bite that is slightly sweet, yet mild.

    Vacuum-sealed and blast frozen for your convenience.


Order Information

You will receive a confirmation email once we have received your order. The Crew will assemble your order and within three operating days, once your order is ready you will receive another email. After that, you can visit your local Fisherman’s Market and pick up your order.

Please allow three operating days. Once your order is ready, you will receive an email. 

If you'd like to make changes please contact the store location where the order was placed, by phone. The Crew will be happy to assist you.

Exchanging or returning food items should be avoided, during the pandemic please do not bring food products into the stores. Fisherman’s Market stands behind the quality of everything we sell and our Managers are there to make sure you are happy with your purchase.  Please contact the store Manager to find ways to best fix the situation.

Crew Packs

Our Crew Packs are packed with frozen fish to assure you the freshest catch possible. Frozen fresh wild-caught fish is as fresh as it comes. The catch is frozen as close to the day it was caught as possible. The advantage of having fish frozen directly off the boat is that it does not have the chance to age, which delivers top-quality, fresh products.

Finfish Crew Packs come individually portioned and vacuum sealed for your convenience. Simply place the portions inside your freezer. 

The box is designed out of recycled cardboard and is easily recycled.

Caring For Your Purchase

Frozen products can be stored for up to 6 months with minimal loss to quality. That said, the Fisherman’s Market urges you to not purchase products to hold in your freezer for more than 3 months. We want every meal of our product you have to be as amazing as the day you bought it. There is no need to order more than you want. We will be here.

Freezer burn is a sign that food has been damaged by oxidation or exposure to air. While it may still be safe to eat, the ice burns the food altering the texture and taste. The best way to prevent freezer burn is to keep your food wrapped very well, if no air can enter the chances of getting freezer burn are vastly reduced. This is why we vacuum-seal our fish portions. 

You can tell if your products have freezer burn by looking at how the ice forms on the product. Pronounced ice crystals are not a good sign, when they lead to discoloration or dark spots those areas have been affected by freezer burn.

When you receive your crew pack, simply transfer the vacuum-packed portions to your freezer. For best results, we suggest using your fish within 3 months. Frozen items that are not vacuum sealed, such as crab legs and prawns, are almost always covered in a thin glaze of ice to protect them from the cold. These products can be more susceptible to the effects of a freezer so we recommend using them within 1 month.

For the best flavour, we recommend keeping your fish frozen until the day you plan to eat it. In the morning pull the portions you would like to enjoy for dinner and place them in the fridge to thaw. If you forget, as many of us do, you can thaw your vacuum-packed portions in cold water in the sink, just leave them submerged for 15 – 20 minutes and they will be ready to go.


Farmed fish is a delicate topic. We ensure the farmed fish we source upholds the same high standards as the wild-caught products we purchase. When we procure farmed products, we look for the highest number of accreditations possible, such as OceanWise, Marine Steward Council and Organic Certified then we make sure they are harvested in an environmentally and agriculturally sound way or are farmed inland.

All of our fish is from sustainably-managed fisheries, we try our best to source our fish from the Pacific Northwest. To best serve our customers, and be able to offer a wide selection, we do source international products. You can trust that even when we do so, we stay true to our values, and make sure to find ethical, and sustainable products.

Fishery management is fish-specific. Some of the credentials required to be considered responsible are sustainability, environmental impact, catch method, and catch area. Nearly all of our west coast products score very high on all of these qualities making them some of the world’s finest fisheries.

Choosing wild-caught fish from the Northern Pacific Ocean, British Columbian fish is an ethical choice because they are sustainably managed and a wonderful addition to our regional diet. 

Wild-caught BC fish live in the wild in some of the cleanest waters out there. The fish get to live off their natural diet, swim freely, migrate throughout the North Pacific and the result is a superior quality fish. 

By choosing local fish, you are supporting local communities, we are and know many of the fishermen who supply our BC Wild Caught selection. You can feel good about supporting family-run fishing operations. 

General Questions

We appreciate hearing from our customers. Please leave a product review on our website.

Fisherman's Market now offers shipping to the North, South and Central Okanagan. Please choose your shipping location at check-out.

For some of us, the thought of having easy meals in the freezer is appealing. The Fisherman’s Market Crew Pack program uses fish that is frozen as close to the day it was caught as possible. 

If you are looking for dinner inspirations, many of us like to shop for fresh fish daily and for that Fisherman’s Market also has you covered. Our fish is hand-cut daily by professional fishmongers. Our fish is procured from the best boats and distributors that our coast has to offer to give you access to top quality all the time. 

Our recommendation is to never buy fresh for a meal more than 2 days away, in that case buying frozen and thawing would be the better option.

Gift Cards are available for purchase at all of our Fisherman’s Market locations. They can be purchased over the phone as well.

Customer Service Guarantee

We are committed to customer service, our traditional, hands-on approach is part of our core values. If you are unsatisfied with your service please contact us and have a chat with the in-store manager, we are 100% committed to finding a solution and are confident we can.