Pacific cod – the king of fish and chips


Pacific Cod has a very mild flavour with large, meaty flakes. It is the only true cod species found on the west coast. While other fish like Ling Cod and Black Cod claim the name, they are not part of the Gadus family! 


Pacific Cod is a very lean protein that provides important amounts of Omega 3’s as well as heart-healthy vitamin B12’s. Pacific cod is low in mercury and boasts bone-building Vitamin D, phosphorus, and immune supportive Selenium.


Pacific cod is a bit on the leaner side and this should be noted when cooking. It is the ultimate fish for Fish and Chips and deep-fries amazingly well. Its large flakes expand giving you a great bang for your buck. Looking for a slightly healthier way to cook it instead of battered and deep-fried? Here you go!  

  1. Take your cod and roll it in an egg wash (beat an egg and coat the cod). Then dredge your cod in Quinoa flakes. These are gluten free and absolutely amazing. Then pan sear your cod on medium high heat with enough olive oil to cover your non stick pan. Sear for about 3-4 minutes a side until golden brown, pull and pat dry any excess oil and serve with an easy to make aioli. This is a quick and easy way to make a milder fish like cod taste great and keeping it moist in the process.    
  2. If you are looking at baking your cod, it’s best to brush a thin layer of mayo or aioli on top with whatever seasoning you’re going to use. Keep in mind cod is not an overly flavourful fish to begin with so it helps to get something like a lemon dill aioli on it. Bake in a glass pyrex dish at 375 for about 12-14 minutes.


Usually, our cod is always deboned but make sure to ask if the bones are removed, they are large and can be a pain. If buying fresh-cut fillets from the showcase, cod can have a very large difference of thickness depending on the top thick loin part and the tail. If this is the case it is best to cut your large thick loin lengthways into thinner pieces. This allows for all parts of your fish to cook evenly. Cod is a very dense fish so it won’t fall apart on you if you cut it in this manner.

If buying frozen cod loins, as you will find in our Crew Packs, it’s solid to note that once you have thawed your cod it is best to pat dry any excess water to get a dry product from the get-go.

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