Health cooking with lingcod

Healthy cooking with lingcod



Lingcod is a lean white-fleshed fish with a mild flavour profile, medium-firm texture and large flakes. The raw flesh may have a blue-green shimmer which but don’t worry, this is natural for this fish and it disappears with cooking, leaving beautiful white flesh.


Wild pacific lingcod is an excellent source of protein that helps promote healthy bones, cartilage, skin and blood. Lingcod is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids selenium and vitamin B 12.


Lingcod is amazingly versatile. It cooks like a halibut with large textured flakes, it’s mild in flavour but while halibut can be prone to overcooking, lingcod is much more forgiving.

Pan-seared or baking is definitely where this fish shines. It pairs well with all the halibut classics like lemon and dill but because it is so much more forgiving and versatile it’s great in Mediterranean dishes, Indian cuisine, and pretty much any other recipe that calls for a cooked white fish of any kind!


First of all, halibut is great. If I am having guests or a fancy meal I don’t mind dropping that amount of money into a meal. But halibut, in my opinion, is getting to a point where its value isn’t in line for a great seafood dinner. Lingcod 100% fills that void for more than half the price of halibut.

Wanna try a new recipe? Lingcod.

Wanna try a new cooking method? Lingcod

Wanna make classic dishes like fish and chips? Lingcod

For me, as a kid growing up with my dad in the fishing industry this was the go-to fish in my household and I have never been disappointed. It’s also the staple fish in my household now with my kids. It’s practical and reliable and goes with pretty much any seafood dish.

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