Good Fish Co

~ Fraser MacDonald, Good Fish Co

Fisherman Bio

Name: Fraser MacDonald

Years in the industry: 17yrs

What drew you to this work: Being from the island I had lot’s of friends who were fishermen. It started off as a summer job so I could travel in the winter but it soon became my passion. I love the adventurous side of being out fishing and every day being different. I get a lot of satisfaction from what I do.

Favourite thing about it: I enjoy working in a business where I can provide food for the people, knowing where my catch is going. It’s an incredibly meaningful job.

…goal of fostering the connection between Canadians and our oceans through what we eat.

Most challenging thing about it: The bad weather and unpredictable, uncontrollable variables. There was definitely some learning to let go and not stress about things, to just figure it out as comes.

Good Fish Co

About the business: GoodFish is a contemporary seafood company founded with the goal of fostering the connection between Canadians and our oceans through what we eat.

We’re fishermen who have spent nearly two decades on British Columbia’s coastal waters learning what it means to deliver community-driven, accessible local seafood that we’re proud to share.

Our sustainable approach is low volume, high quality: minimal-impact harvesting, industry-leading traceability technology and meticulous care with each fish, crustacean and octopus caught and sold. We’re committed to our future oceans—diligence on our side for simplicity on yours.

To learn more about Good Fish Co, check out their Instagram page and website.

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