Fresh west coast oysters

West coast oysters



Oysters have a cool refreshing kick of saltiness. The oyster itself can vary depending on time of year and where they are harvested.


Raw Oysters are an amazing source of protein packed with Omega 3’s and an amazing source of Zinc, Vitamin A and C , B 12’s and Iron


Raw – Served with fresh lemon, hot sauce, horseradish and mignonette.  

The main components of a mignonette are red wine vinegar, shallots, and cracked pepper. Easy to make and store and goes great with raw oysters. 

Oysters can also be cooked by applying heat to them while they are alive in the shell, this will force the oyster open and is an easy way to get into them. Typically this works best on a BBQ or in a preheated oven.   


Oysters on the west coast of BC are best purchased throughout the Fall and Winter months. This is when the quality of water that they are grown in is at its best. 

West coast oysters typically spawn during the summer giving the oyster a buttery, creamy texture that may appeal to some more than others. 

When purchasing oysters in the shell note that they are alive and should have the shell closed tight. That said if the shell is open it doesn’t necessarily mean the oyster is dead. They could be breathing if they are out of water. Gently tap the shell and the oyster will close back up. If it remains open it is best to discard the oyster. 

Shucking a raw oyster in the shell is best with an actual oyster shucker! They do not need to cost you a lot of money, Fisherman’s Market sells them for as little as $10 and THEY WILL save you hand and finger from potentially disastrous injury. Watch a video on Youtube to learn a few different techniques or ask your fishmonger for a demonstration. 

Smell each oyster you shuck – This is a great resource to make sure your oysters are top quality. Even if it is alive doesn’t mean your oyster is guaranteed to be good. If your oyster smells bad when you open it, and you will know if it does, throw it out.

STORING LIVE OYSTERS: Put your live oysters into a bowl with a wet paper towel or cloth over them. No need to add water or ice to the bowl. Just keep the cloth damp and the oysters can last up to a week in your fridge. They are heartier than most people think, and if your oysters are passed their prime you will know when you shuck them! 

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