Fanny Bay Oysters

Started by three local farmers, Fanny Bay Oysters got its name in the 1980s from the beautiful landscape in the Baynes Sound. 30 years later they are now a proud part of the Taylor Shellfish Family of Farms and continue to grow incredible shellfish in the same waters.

Grown in the cold, clear waters of the British Columbia coastline, their shellfish are able to benefit from the naturally nutrient rich and remote areas in which they farm. They are proud aquaculture community fellows and participate in the long traditions of shellfish farming while also modernizing our practices so that they can continue to farm with future generations. They welcome our customers to visit the, and view their practices in action in beautiful British Columbia. You can eat at their Fanny Bay Oyster Bar & Shellfish Market in Vancouver or stop by their farm side Seafood Shop in the Baynes Sound which is an OceanWise partner. They are motivated by the environment and work hard to make sure the local waters stay clean so they can ensure their products are fresh and safe to eat. 

They believe in being active stewards of the marine environment and work closely with their community

Their products showcase the unique cultivation styles, innovative farming methods, and top notch processing that happens right here in beautiful British Columbia.

Their ability to farm relies on clean waters and sustainable aquaculture activities. Because they grow their products from hatchery to harvest, they are able to ensure the whole process is completed using environmentally responsible and ethical practices. They believe in being active stewards of the marine environment and work closely with their community to shape their farms to be restorative shellfish aquaculture for the areas biodiversity.

Fanny Bay Oysters (crassostrea gigas) are their signature beach grown oysters. Known for their “full-slurp” effect, this oyster has a full body and showcases the mineral flavours of the Baynes Sound. They have a tough shell from being tossed around on the rocky beaches of Fanny Bay, but this only creates firmer meat. These oysters excel on the half shell or on the grill.

Visit us in-store to try out our Fanny Bay Oysters!

To learn more about Fanny Bay Oysters, visit their website or find them on Instagram.

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