BC Commercial Fishermen’s Week, February 22-28, 2021

BC Commercial Fishermen’s Week was born out of Adam Pearl and Geoff Austin’s love of high quality, sustainable seafood, and fishing. This celebration is a creation of love and passion for our fishermen and women who bring the ocean to our plates time and time again.

When you go into your local shops, do you know where your fish products are coming from? Do you know the story of the fishermen and women who worked so diligently and tirelessly to bring it to you? We do. We know the stories and the background of all the products we carry, and of the people catching them and the methods they use to do so. We want to share that knowledge with you. What you eat has a story and history, and it affects more people than you may realize. It’s not just fish.

Over the course of BC Commercial Fishermen’s Week we will bring you stories to help you feel closer to the source of your seafood. To shed light on who we support and why, and to show what and where you purchase your products makes a difference.

Learn more about Adam, Geoff and the history of Fisherman’s Market on our About page.

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