Albacore tuna, multivitamin of the sea

Albacore tuna, multivitamin of the sea



Smooth velvety, rich, and buttery taste with a mild finish.


Albacore tuna is basically the multivitamin of the sea and is packed with Omega 3’s, vitamins B12 and is Rich in minerals like calcium, iodine, iron, potassium and phosphorus.


Due to Albacore tuna being blast frozen within a very short time of being caught and processed into boneless skinless loins from a frozen state, it is ideal for raw consumption and is the staple tuna at most western Japanese restaurants. This makes Albacore Tuna ideal for sushi, poke bowls, and tuna stacks.

If you are going to cook your Tuna you want to sear it at very high heat for about 30 seconds on each side. You still want the middle to be raw. If you are looking for something to be fully cooked, tuna may not be for you.

Seared Albacore Tuna pairs well with toasted sesame seeds, ginger, lemon zest, Ponzu sauce, and mirin.


Albacore tuna is greyish in colour, because of this it is usually overlooked for the redder Ahi Tuna. Do not let the colour fool you, Albacore Tuna in BC is world-renowned and when buying this product locally is more often than not far superior when it comes to flavour and quality.

Albacore tuna does have a high oil content and can be a little more flavourful because of it. It can also have a bit of an ocean smell as it thaws. It is best to consume when completely thawed.

If looking to slice Albacore Tuna for sashimi or sushi you can thaw it at room temperature quite quickly. It is best, unless you have a very sharp knife, to slice it while it is still a touch frozen then let it finish thawing.

Raw tuna serves well with soy sauce or Ponzu. For an extra kick though serve it with Raincoast Marinade which is a ginger and sesame oil-infused soy sauce and is sold at all Fisherman’s Markets.

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