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The Fisherman’s Market ship symbolizes our core beliefs that quality, sustainability, and affordability can be a reality. That passing along the knowledge of where our fish comes from helps preserve the future of our beautiful coastline. Sustainability brings us closer to the environment. Long lines bring us closer to the fisherman. Direct contacts bring us closer to affordability. An experienced eye brings us closer to the freshest product. Small business brings us closer to the community.

Sincerity brings us closer to our customers.
We bring everything one step closer to you.

The Fisherman’s Market history

Raised in Comox, BC, Geoff Austin and Adam Pearl have been fishing together since their teens, first on Adam’s father’s boat and later on fishing vessels they captained. The two young men shared a strong work ethic, accommodations, travel, and fishing expeditions throughout their teens and twenties. 

Despite a shipwreck that changed the course of their careers, the North Pacific Ocean still draws the pair. Once a fisherman, always a fisherman.

The founders

Adam Pearl

Procurement and Operations

Eight-year-old Adam’s job, helping his Dad sell seafood off the dock in Powell River, was to rummage in the hold to find just the right fish for their customer. Sometimes it took several trips and a good coating of fish slime to satisfy his father that the customer had exactly what she wanted.

Adam’s job as our Head of Procurement and Operations has retained the essence of what working for his dad meant decades ago: integrity, respect of the ocean and its ecosystem, and providing you with the best seafood possible. 

By fishing himself for several weeks each year, Adam stays current with what seafood is sustainably delicious and where it’s found. Being a fisherman born also gives him intimate ties to the North Pacific coast. Even before the catch is landed, Adam knows about it and strategizes ways to streamline seafood flow from the ocean to your table.

Adam’s passion for Fisherman’s Market, his customers and employees shine in every anecdote he tells. If he’s not fishing on the coast or at work, you can find him hanging out with his two sons, most likely near a body of water in and around Nelson, BC.

Geoff Austin

Finance and Facilities

Geoff can’t remember a time when he didn’t fish; the solitude has always drawn him. Working as a commercial fisherman gave him first-hand knowledge of Canada’s North Pacific fishing industry and how to ensure its future through tenable harvesting.

Officially the Financial Controller for Fisherman’s Markets, Geoff also applies his passion for design, building and renovations to the structures of all of our stores. The feel of the décor mirrors the ethos of Fisherman’s Market: bringing the freshest catch possible to you in sustainable ways that support the hard-working fisher folk of Canada’s North Pacific coast. 

Unable to resist early entrepreneurship, especially when the fishing’s involved, he sponsors a YouTube channel, Kootenay Casting, developed by two local youth.

Geoff enjoys outdoor adventures with his wife and kids, such as ice fishing on Box Lake, near New Denver, in his time off, when he’s not working on his own renovation projects at home in Nelson, BC.

Cory Siegner

Sales and Marketing

Understanding the fishing economy early in life—Cory worked in a fish packing plant in his teens and went to all the industry events with his Dad and uncles as a kid—led to his love of marketing and advertising in the industry. Cory, the head of Marketing and Sales for both our wholesale national accounts and direct customers, makes our seafood accessible to you.

Integral to our mission of bringing you the freshest seafood is knowing how it was caught and where it came from. Selling sustainable seafood caught by people who care is at the heart of our business and drives Cory’s job.

Never short on panache, one of his marketing endeavours included an oyster shucking program for Fisherman’s Market that was part of the Vancouver Aquarium’s annual fundraiser and other events in BC. He also hosted a cooking show on Global TV for two years.

Avid about the outdoors, Cory spends time with his kids playing tennis, golf, hiking and skating in and around Kelowna, BC.

“To watch your father unload a boat of the best fish the west coast has to offer, then have your aunties process that fish and grade out the best of the best, and finally watch your uncles move that product into several thriving markets all along the west coast doesn’t give you a lot of options for what you want to be when you grow up. I love every minute of it!”

Katie Budd

West Coast Operations

Katie began with us at our Kamloops location back in 2013. When she decided to move back home to the coast, we were excited for the opportunity to partner up with her in our Vancouver operations. Since then, she has helped open our West Vancouver, Gibsons and Burnaby markets. With dedication and hard work, Katie has not only managed the market but showed her true talents of inspiring customers and staff alike.

Katie was born and raised on the Sunshine Coast and has been a spot prawn fisherman from a young age. She loves fishing and the ocean, and it transfers seamlessly into her work at the market. If you ever get a chance to run into Katie at one of our markets, take a minute to ask her about our industry. You will not regret it. She will inspire you to look at seafood in a whole new light. Katie embodies the very spirit of the Fisherman’s Markets’ core beliefs. 

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We are deeply committed to sourcing fresh, sustainable, and ethically harvested seafood through our community of fishermen and distributors.

We believe that all of us can steward bountiful waters and pristine coastlines while delivering our customers affordable and quality products from the sea.

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